mmm prob the best night ever! wouldn’t have kicked off if it wasn't for those yummy topless waiters ;)
My friends hired the boys as a birthday surprise for me, I loved it!

Brisbane Topless Waiters are a group of Brisbane and Gold Coast based male topless waiters who enjoy the party atmosphere and therefore love their job, they enjoy taking part in all the activities set out at parties they attend and can even suggest some party ideas to you.


Q: What is the Minimum and Maximum time for a Topless Waiter? 
A: Minimum time hireable is 2 hours but maximum time is entirely up to you and your group. 

Q: What do the Topless Waiters do?
A: They will serve all your food and drinks, get involved in your party games and mingle with your guests whilst looking good doing it!

Q: What do the Topless Waiters wear? 
A: The Topless Waiters wear long black pants, a bow tie and Wrist cuffs.

Q: Will the price be cheaper if we have more than one Topless Waiter?
A: Due to the nature of the service each performer is paid individually, therefore the price is not discountable.

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